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The-Legend-Nusrat-Fateh-Ali-KhanKnown as a “Singing Bouddha” in Japan, the “Quintessence of human singing” in Tunisia, the “Voice of Heaven” in the United States and the “Pavarotti of the Orient” in France… Pakistan’s most revered Qawwal singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, made the whole world resonate to the lyrical heights of Qawwali, a secular form of Sufi song that calls to divine ecstasy. His nearly superhuman vocal abilities, extraordinary improvisational skills, troubling intensity and softness of his voice, his kindled presence on stage, his many encounters and colorful musical cross-blendings and the enduring love that millions of fans lavished upon him worldwide all helped him bring the mystical music of Sufi’s to international stage becoming one the most celebrated superstars of World Music. Continue reading

Some Of NFAK’s Greatest Improvisations….

 Here’s a collection of some of the best bits of improvisations from NFAK collected from youtube……..

This is a small collection. I am sure I have missed some excellent ones.
Please reply back with additions to the list you like

Something from Rahat –
bit loud

  Contact if you wanna add more……

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Live At Rasa Utrecht, Netherlands 1988 Full Audio Concert

Live Performance Audio Recording Of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan performing At RASA, Netherlands.
Date Recorded: 27 Feb 1988
Length: 2:12:40
1.Allah Hoo
2. Koi Nahi Aisa
3. Tu Rehnaarde Shauk Hai
4. Nit Khair Manga
5. Haq Ali Ali

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Originally Uploaded By:Mr DEEPAK KHATNANI
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