Artist Who Changed The World: A List Of “Lists Featuring NFAK”

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – ” Artist Who Unified the World with Music”

It is no argument  that the World’s Music would have been a lot poorer if Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was not born. Since early days of his introduction to Western ears he was hailed as one of the greatest voices and greatest singer ever. What follows is an everlasting list speaking the man’s impact on music and World.

1. 100 Minorities who changed the World: …… Sacred-Bridge
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2. The 20th Century Greatest Hits: What works of Art should be remembered and why.. by Paul Williams
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3. Artists, writers, and musicians: an encyclopedia of people who changed the world
………….  edited by Michel-André Bossy, Thomas Brothers, John C. McEnroe
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4. The 100 Greatest Stars Of 20th Century………….Q Magazine (August 1999)
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5. Top 12 Artists and Thinkers in the last 60 years………TIME Magazine,2006
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6. 50 Most Influential Artists Of Music ………. SPIN Magazine,1998

7. NPR 50 Great Voices…………. National Public Radio,USA,2010
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8. 20 Most Iconic Musicians From Past 50 Years ……. CNN,2010
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9. Mojo 100 Greatest Singers Of All Time

More Coming Very Soon………

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