Biggest Painting of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

There comes a time now and then when I am deeply humbled by Dedication & Love of fans for NFAK. This Wall Painting by Nikunj Prajapati is the biggest NFAK painting I have ever seen & also one of the best.


Nusrat_biggest_WAll_Painting by Nikunj Prajapati 2

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In ST. ART Delhi at Shahpur jat – St. Art By Nikunj Prajapati
Special Thanks to Siddharth Gohil

The NewMusic (Canadian TV Short Documentary on Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan)

The NewMusic was an award winning Canadian TV Show & News Magazine that ran from early 80’s to mid 2000’s  It presented contemporary popular music in social , political, spiritual & economical aspects. The show did a profile on NFAK in 92-93, take a look… It contains a few unseen performances, interviews and insights  All thanks goes to Mr. Sonny Jhetta for uploading this gem, keep visiting his channel for more surprises..



The Nusrat Ramble – Folk Roots 1993 …

Qawwali Quips and the Nusrat Saga Continues…

The Nusrat Ramble - Folk Roots 1993 p3
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The Nusrat Ramble – Folk Roots 1993 Continued..

Part 2 of a Nusrat Story with pure Qawwali!!
Nusrat Folk Roots part 2 pic13b
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The Nusrat Ramble – Folk Roots 1993

A great introduction to Qawwali and the great man who delivered it ….
folk roots nusrat coverpage
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