The Nusrat Ramble – Folk Roots 1993 …

Qawwali Quips and the Nusrat Saga Continues…

The Nusrat Ramble - Folk Roots 1993 p3
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The Nusrat Ramble – Folk Roots 1993 Continued..

Part 2 of a Nusrat Story with pure Qawwali!!
Nusrat Folk Roots part 2 pic13b
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The Nusrat Ramble – Folk Roots 1993

A great introduction to Qawwali and the great man who delivered it ….
folk roots nusrat coverpage
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Best All-Rounder since Botham?

A great behind the scenes look at Nusrat’s Life in Pakistan, an article from 1996 by David Toop , the title describes the All Round composer/singer/performer NFAK, referring to British Cricket Legend Ian Botham..
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with Michael Brook

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जाने जायेंगे इसी नामो निशान से हम – A tribute from Saurabh Sharma

nusrat charcoal painting by sourabh

Nusrat’s charcoal painting by sourabh


NFAK Featured Fan Tribute: Sourabh Sharma

गुलाम हैं हम उनके , उनकी गुलामी पर नाज़ है
जाने जायेंगे इसी नामो निशान से हम…………

I was listening to ustad ji one night and don’t know how i wrote this lines,i’ve never shared these lines with anyone before………

I like his Raw Music,
The Raw Voice,
The Bass Of Qawalli,
Continuous Repetitions,
Flawless Lyrics,
The Devotional Essence ..
The Tap Of Tabla,
Soothing Sound Of Harmoniums,
The Raags ,The Amazing Tunes…

I am Listening The Same qawalli From Years,
Yet Its New For Me everytime…
I Can Listen to the same one  For Years…
Lyrics Of Thousand Of qawwalis/ghazals hover In My Mind.
and there Is Only One Name
On My Playlist,On My Mind,On My Heart…

I am Down To Earth , yet Above The World.
Because I am Devotee Of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan…
The Owner Of Most Beautiful Voice On Earth  . . .

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