Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Early Life

young Nusrat and Farrukh

Guess Who?

NFAK was nothing less than God’s blessing  for his family  , as he was born after four sisters… Her sisters were so happy that they were running out in streets shouting and writing on walls that ” God blessed them with a brother” , who knew that day it was a blessing not just for their family but for the entire world.

NFAK was a born musician, even when he was just a baby , his fingers used to keep moving frequently and that too in perfect rhythm , this used to amaze the family but they could have never thought that these hand gestures will one day resonate with his own music entrancing the audiences around the globe. He continued this as he grew up , it sometimes frustrated his teachers and parents but NFAK was always in his own musical heaven. Even in his 40′s he was often found in gentle rhythm even while he was asleep. Even while talking his hand made rhythmic gestures…….

As a child, young Nusrat! became a great fan of Cinema , the amazing part was that once coming out of theater he used to remember all the songs and music as such. Playing roles after watching a movie was a favorite pastime with friends. Nusrat as a child was very shy and had a voice that was merely audible, the worst thing that can happen to a child of Qawwal family. His father, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan used to sadly admit ” He will never be able to sing even if taught Everything about Music” ,  He thought he will make his son a Doctor or Engineer, maybe he was not wrong in deciding the best possible life for his son. But Nusrat never gave up, he knew he loved music. Though he never sang he often used to hide and listen to his father … When  Fateh Ali Khan came to know about this , he finally relented and started teaching his son Tabla and Harmonium but still not singing.Who knew the voice once considered “Unmusical” will be known as the “VOICE FROM HEAVEN”


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