“Top 50 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Songs” – The Complete Taste Of His Music

The 50 Greatest Hits Of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

1 Allah Hoo The most Divine Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Song Ever… it made me feel the Existence of God
None Other than …” Allah Hoo “
This unforgettable piece was recorded in 1993, Washington, USA/ Don’t forget to close your eyes and switch off the light to experience the divinity of the song…
2 Ye Jo Halka Halka And now comes the most intoxicating song ever, Jeff Buckley one said that this was the song that saved his life , I myself have a few personal stories … but that’s for some other time… you might have guessed that it’s none other than “Ye Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai”, choosing the best recorded version of this song is next to impossible for me , I have heard this song in all possible lengths , from 5mins to 68 minutes versions…  
3 Mast Mast (Dam Mast Qalandar) Mast Mast , was probably the most popular and Loved NFAK song ever. Best suited for the dance of ecstasy. Many versions of this song will take positions in top 100(or top 50) .  
4   Haq Ali Ali (Ali Maula Ali Maula) , the second most powerful Traditional Qawwali of NFAK, People have been seen banging their heads , in total trans, listening to this song.. this was NFAK’s first recording in in 1972 i guess, and initially became a massive hit in Faisalabad and other parts of Punjab Haq Ali Ali(Ali Maula Ali Maula)  
Shahbaaz Qalandar, now this one has lived for centuries and is going to live for centuries. Shahbaaz Qalandar ( Lal Meri Pat Rakhio ..Jhoole Laal)  
6  In Concert in Paris, Vols. 3-5  Ya Haiyyo Ya Qayyum Ya  AKA Hamd (louange a dieu), is best described as 30 minutes of pure ecstacy.. its a great melody.. so simple so great composition by NFAK… This version was recorded at Ocara Radio, France in 1988 Ya Haiyyo Ya Qayyum  
7  Prophet Speaks Yaadan Vichray Sajan Diya, Very few of you might be knowing that this song was NFAK’s own favourire.. he made this song more beautiful, every time he performed it with more and more raags and style.. the one below is one of the plainer versions.. Yaadan Vichray Sajan Diya  
8 Mustt Mustt Mustt Mustt (Lost In His Work) .. The Best Fireworks Ever ( greatest Fusion) Mustt Mustt (Lost In His Work) AKA Mast Kalandar Fusion Version  
9 Magic Touch Kinna Sona ( Magic Touch) .. Wow……… ” NFAK Sang this qawwali first time in a different modern way solo… withing 5 minutes .. one go . no retakes.. no practice… The song became his first international hit.. and one of the best collaborations ever Kinna Sona ( Magic Touch)  
10  Bandit Queen Mora Saiyaan To Hai Pardes, When NFAK sang this song for Bandit Queen, the director, Sekhat Kappor.. Said that . he felt he was sitting right in front of God. Did You? Mora Saiyaan To Hai Pardes  
11 Pakistan: Vocal Art of the Sufis, Vol. 2 - Qawwali Nee Mai Jana Jogi De Naal … Written by Baba Bulle Shah, sang by NFAK, this song can entrance you .. even if you dont know the lirycs. Nee Mai Jana Jogi De Naal  
Traditional Sufi Qawwalis: Live in London, Vol. 2
Akhian udeek diyan, I dedicate this song to NFAK Himself…. Akhian Udeek diya was NFAK’s most demanded song by Audiance .. it has parts that can make you dance as well as cry.. the following version has been taken from Royal Albert Halls Performance Akhian udeek diyan  
13  Devotional Songs Sanson ki mala pe, this song was written by Mira Bai who was in unconditional love with Lord Krishna, when Nusrat composed this song, he himself wouldn’t have thought that the Bollywood Film heavy weights will become his fans just after listening this song….  Sanson ki mala pe  
The Last Prophet
Tum Ek gorakh Dhandha Ho, The best Lyrics you can ever ever imagine.. the song deals with humans and evaluates their beliefs in God.. Whether you are a believer or not.. don’t forget to see this song with translation.. Tum Ek gorakh Dhandha Ho  
Traditional Sufi Qawwalis-Live in London, Vol. IV
Tumhe Dillagi Bhool Jani Padegi was featured in second NFAK OSA Release and became an overnight hit in Local Asian Communities in UK and later back in Pakistan.Speaking of the true consequences of falling in Love,Song has everything medoly, expressions, pain, joy & Fireworks. Tumhe Dillagi Bhool Jani Padegi  
Nothing Without You AKA Sanu Ek Pal Chain Na Aawe was one of the most Loved songs on NFAK, that too by all the communities and people of all ages. Sanu Ek Pal Chain Na Aawe  
Back to Qawwalli
Face Of Love, a simple song conveying a universal message Face Of Love  
18   Man Kunto Maula Man Kunto Maula  
19   Mera Piya Ghar Aaya  Mera Piya Ghar Aaya  
Night Song
Aaj Rang Hai Ri(Amir Khusro), One of the most Organic compositions ever Aaj Rang Hai Ri(Amir Khusro)  
Dead Man Walking: The Score
Next one on this list is the Forever Superhit ” Jhoole Jhoole Lal” .. This Performance is taken from Nusrat’s performance in Spain back in 1994-1995 …. get ready to Dance in ecstasy Jhoole Jhoole laal (Dam Mast Qalandar)  
Intoxicated Spirit
Ali Da Malang, this song was too NFAK’s own Devotional Favorite.. During his last days, NFAK had to go to a concert on stretcher  being very sick, this was the song that brought some divine energy back in him… the party members were amazed.. Audience was as usual ecstatically dancing.. Ali Da malang  
Mega Star
 Chaap Tilak ( Chaap Tilak Sb Chini Re Mose Naina Milai Ke)  Chaap Tilak  
24   Mera yeh Charkha Naulakha Kure , Listen to the Live in Paris Version or the Rough Guide Version of this song and you will know how “simple is always awesome and most expressive” – the USP of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Mera yeh Charkha Naulakha Kure  
25   Dayar-E-Ishq Mein, Apna Maqaam Paida Kar, is a great inspiration poem by Iqbal, composed to immortality by NFAK , Listen to Live In Paris Vol 2 version Dayar-E-Ishq Mein, Apna Maqaam Paida Kar  
26   Maki Madni Maki Madni  
27   Mai Khayal Hu Kisi Aur Ka Mai Khayal Hu Kisi Aur ka  
Nit Khair Manga Nit Khair Manga  
Live In India
Shamas-Ud-Doha Badar-Ud-Doja Shamas-Ud-Doha Badar-Ud-Doja  
Na Rukte Hain Aansoo Na Rukte Hain Aansoo  
Live in New York City
 Must Nazron Se Allah Bachaye ,I prefer the video versions over Audio ones..http://youtu.be/B9lt-JI86k4 Must Nazron Se Allah Bachaye  
Farewell Song: Alwadah
 Kehna Ghalat Ghalat To…Chupana Sahi Sahi  Kehna Ghalat Ghalat To…Chupana Sahi Sahi  
In Concert in Paris, Vol. 2
Kali Kali Zulfon Ke Phande Kali Kali Zulfon Ke Phande  
Oriente/Occidente: Gregorian Chant & Qawwali Music
Mae Ni Mae, a Touching & Soothing  ghazal Mae Ni Mae  
Traditional Sufi Qawwalis...
Allah, Mohammed, Char, Yaar, Simply Powerful , was used in Natural Born Killers in violent background that resulted in lot of contoversies. Navras Records  
Allah & The Prophet
Tere Bin Nai Lagda (AKA Longing) Original Version Ex Works  
Star Rise: Remixes
 Sare Nabia Da Nabi Tu Imaam Sonia  Sare Nabia Da Nabi Tu Imaam Sonia  
Paris Concert, Vol. 3
 Sun Charkhe Dee Mithi Mithi Ghook , a great soothing and touching Ghazal Sun Charkhe Dee Mithi Mithi Ghook  
Paris Concert, Vol. 4
 Likh Diya Apne Dar pe Kisi Ne, All the NFAK recepies put into a one great Ol d Qawwali ,Raw & Best Version    
40    Afreen Afreen , is the best song you can dedicate to the beloved’s beauty.. Afreen Afreen  
Live at Islamabad, Vol. 1-2
 Piya Re Piya Re, NFAK’s first and last song in Khari Boli  Piya Re Piya Re  
 Jhoole Lal Jhoole Lal (Jewleh Lal), One of the less popular tracks with great Melody, improvisations and a divine feel.   Jhoole Lal Jhoole Lal (Jewleh Lal)  
43    Ve Pardesia, A simple Punjabi filmy composition by the Legend, catchy to ears and mind  Ve Pardesia  
44 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan The Voice Of Pakistan  Haje Latha Nahio Akhiyan Da Cha (Aaje Latha Naio) was featured on the Album “Nusrat Forever” released in 1988 and rightly lived up to the Album’s Name. The song leaves you imagining what else NFAK might have done……  Haje Latha Nahio Akhiyan Da Cha  
45   Yad-E-Nabi ka gulshan Mehka mehka lagta hai… feel the Lord’s presence  Yad-E-Nabi Ka  
46    Barson Ke Intzaar Ka , This post-mothous release expresses the eternity of love in it’s first line itself, listen for one of the greatest love rides ever..   Body & Soul  
Sochta hoon ki wo kitne masoom the   Vol 4 DVD  
48 Paris Concert, Vol. 3

Every Song On ” En Concert A Paris Vol 1-5″ En Concert A Paris Vol 1-5  
  Shehar Ke Dukandaro, the tragic truth of modern life rightly penned down by Javed Akhtar and soulfully sung by NFAK Sangam  
Let Us know…    


96 thoughts on ““Top 50 Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Songs” – The Complete Taste Of His Music

  1. haq ali ali the 28 min version or the live in brackell fest has to be on the top of the list , also include the 70 min version of ye jo halka halka saroor

  2. On the list should definitely be “Ay Athra Ishq”. Its very different and actually a hard tune to carry. I love NFAK’s treatment of the poem. I’d also have to add “Rabba Lakh Lakh” because of the sheer briliance of the recording and performance.

  3. It should also have “likh diya apne dar pe kisi ne is jagah pyar krna mana hai” and “Jhoole laal Jhoole laal” from volume 10 osa

    • I will have ” Jhoole Lal Jhoole ” from Album Shahbaaz, its lot better in recording as well as feel..
      And of course .. “Likh Diya ” will be there in list

      • there are some more songs from this concert?do you know of them.Like i’ve seen yadan vchire sajan diyan from the same concert on youtube?please upload those too,quality is very good here.

      • Do ypu have full collection of nusrat fateh ali khan???if yes plzz upload all the songs and qawalis or give me the link.

  4. Aj Sikk Mitraan Di Wadheri Ae (Studio Version)
    Aiwen Bol Na Banere Utte Kanwan
    Sohne Mukhde Da Lain De Nazara
    Ranjha Te Mera Rab Warga
    Mera Ae Charkha Naulakha
    Mainu Yaar Manaunau Fursat Nai
    Phiroon Dhoondta Maikadah
    Hum Hosh Bhi Apne Bhool Gaye
    Luk Luk Rona Pae Gaya
    Main Raunwa Tenu Yaad Karke
    Kanday Uttay Meherma Ve
    Biba Saada Dil Mod De……

    The List can never end. There cant be a Top 50. All his songs are on the No. 1 slot

  5. Either my taste is bad or u really missed these ghazals..
    1) jaani door gaye
    2) kere ghar jawan
    3) kanday utay
    4) meri ankho ko bakhse han ansu
    5) agg daman main lag jayegi
    6) afaren afaren
    7) sadagi to hamari zara dekhiye
    8) the best.. Aye athra ishq
    9) pilao saqi
    10) ajj nazran nal pila saqi
    11) jab tere dard main
    12) hanju akhiyan de vere

    listen to them once if u dint and do tell me ur feeling . 🙂

  6. Either my taste is bad or u really missed these ghazals..
    1) jaani door gaye
    2) kere ghar jawan
    3) kanday utay
    4) meri ankho ko bakhse han ansu
    5) agg daman main lag jayegi
    6) afaren afaren
    7) sadagi to hamari zara dekhiye
    8) the best.. Aye athra ishq
    9) pilao saqi
    10) ajj nazran nal pila saqi
    11) jab tere dard main
    12) hanju akhiyan de vere

    listen to them once if u dint and do tell me ur feeling . :).

    • you have perfect taste… almost all of these mentions are in my choice for top 100… and even in what’s left for top 50…

  7. i think you hve not listen “sheher k dukaandaro” and “sochta hon k wo kitne masoom the” these must be in the list

  8. admin can u pls help ….? m searching for a gazal of nusrat fateh ali khan….the video was about a photographer ..clicking pics of a girl…n at last the girl was dead…..i had seen this video around 10 yrs ago since then m searching for dis gazal but i couldn’t find it out plz help…

  9. Some of my favorites which I could not find in this list

    1. Khwaza sang kheliye dhamaar..
    2. Koi bole Ram Ram
    3. Je tu rab no manuna pehle yaar no mana

  10. You havent added these most brilliant compositions which should be in top 20. So plz listen to them & tell your views:
    1. Fasl-e-gul hai
    2. Loye loye aja mahi
    3. Mere rask-e-qamar
    4. Hanju akhiyan de vere
    5. Bina mahi kive
    6. Khooni akhiyan
    7. Dulhe ka sehra

    • All of them are definitely awesome & its impossible to Rank NFAK Songs..
      The bigger question will be which sings to remove?
      The only solution lies with expanding the list

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  14. Nusrat Fateh Sir,your songs /poems are really awesome.Specially i list out some of them are more healing such as:-Allah Hoo…,Haq Ali…and Ali da Malang..
    And one like ,Mera piya ghar aya….add blushing smile on face.
    A very very emotional lyrics of…..
    Piya re piya re…..tara bina lage nahi mara jiya re……is a fantastic the way you sung it.

  15. This list is missing one of the most brilliant pieces of music compiled by Nusrat,
    Zehaal e Miskeen; a poem that captures the genius of Khusro, the ease with wich he has combined two languages leaves a person lost for words and Nusrat has truly done justice to this masterpiece, A great composition. One can truly feel the emotions in his voice.

    I would recommend that one should read the translation of the poem first as it is in persian and brij(very similar to urdu). Although the translations available online contain many errors, one can get the feel of the poem.

  16. NP, i wonder if anyone here knows where to find the full version of “doston ki shikayat” there is a 10min version online that is complete and another 13 min version that ends halfway into the qawwali, i prefer the longer version but it not being complete is really frustrating. Anyone knows where one can find the full version ?

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    • There are always copyright issues. .. try grooveshark or other links from listen online section. .

  18. I have been looking for a song by nusrat fateh Ali ….janeman( mera gham Aur meri har khushi tum sey hai ..janeman janeman ) but cannot find it ….it is on you tube but I can’t watch it can you help me in which archive/ album can I find it …

  19. Although I am no one to judge music of Khan Sa’ab, or to say any song is better than other, my favorite one is a Punjabi Qavalli by the legend, mainly due to its lyrics- ‘Kar le dil di safaai je didaar chaahida…’.

    This song is more than enough to open one’s eyes and if message given is followed, no other ritual or visit to any ‘sacred place’ required IMHO.

    • That was our NFAK… that most of hardcore fans have a different song that drives them to tears…..

      ps: thanks for suggesting this song..i m guilty of not listening to it yet…

  20. Hi
    i was at a function so there this qwaali was playing iam confused its which one lyrics are HUMKO TUMSE PYAAR HOGYA HUSAN KA DEEDAR HOGYA HOGYAAAA
    its my humble requesst if you can tell me its which qwaali.thank you very much regards

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    • how can u miss”AANKH UTHI MOHABBAT NE ANGRAI LEE”… It is best ever gazal by THE GREAT NFAK SIR……………Jammu and kashmir especially shopian district more especially myself loves NFAK-THE SHAHENSHAH-E-QAWWALI.

  22. The only thing that emerges is that it is absolutely futile to prepare a list of even top 200 songs of the Great NFAK, leave aside numbering them.

    • Exactly…
      Yet the idea was to give a starters list to soon going to be NFAK addicts…Han
      May be we should rename the list

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  24. Lacks “Banai Mujh benawa ki bigri”, “Dard Rukta Nahi Aek Pall Bhi”, “Data Saab de Dware”, “Aja Sajna Vichora Nai o Jarda” and many more

  25. Hey Admin!
    There has to be “Nargisi ankh dore gulabi” in the list. It contain beautifull poetry. It is one of my favourite.

  26. This is such an awesome treasure and reading through comments I can understand why people may have their own favourites. His songs are a treasure trow and can have a lasting effect depending the mood you are in, the time of life, the place you are in (not geographically). I remember being around 10 and listened to him live in India at one of the film awards in the early 90s. That 20 or 30 musical rendition left a lasting impact on my life and set me on a journey to discover what it was that drove me to another plane. It was a complete transcendental experience which led me to appreciate sufi music and mysticism. Submit yourself completely to his music and feel what it does to you. Personally for me I get the same trancefix at the haji ali dargah in Mumbai, which is magical and mystical and truly divine like NFAK’s music.

  27. I know its at spot 36 but Tere bin nahin lagda does do something to me. It’s been used as a signature tune in the UK movie Bend it Like Beckham. You take the tune out and may be you wouldn’t have felt the ethnic emotions that touch your heart. May be its at number 36 as it signifies 2 lives in one of the culture. A mortal man in first life with immortal memories that he has left behind for generations to cherish, learn and appreciate.

  28. Plz listen aag daman mein lag jayegi perfect hit qawalli of NFAK the master and his magic once u listen u will fallen deeply with this song

  29. add, Ay wada shikan, tum aik gorakh dhandha ho, gardishon k mary hovy hain, pilao saqi pilao, zee hal e maskeen, mai aur meri awargi, sadgi tu meri zara daikhye. mery rashke qamar.

  30. I dn’t know that How can one’s forget his best in best
    1)mery saqi ya tamasha tery maikhany ka
    2)chashm e mast e ajab e
    3)jab raat dhali adhi
    4)kehty ho mujh sa ishq ka afsana chaheay
    5)likh diya apny dar pa kisi na
    6)chand doob jata ha
    7)chan sajna mod muharaan
    8)raah aasaan hogae ho gi
    And many more whom’s u dnt pay attention

  31. Honestly I don’t think we can do justice to Nusrat sahab by compiling a Top 50 or even a Top 100 list.
    The treasure he has left behind for us is too intense and too much for us to choose from and most importantly difficult for us to sort from.
    I have been listening to Nusrat from my childhood, from the past 20 years or so, and each day I listen to his work, it seems its the first time I am listening to him. The same qawalli is sung in completely different tone each time and each day I find something new and better from the treasure.
    Although a good effort but doesn’t do justice to Nusrat Sahab. Each piece of Nusrat Sahab is a master piece in itself. Period.

    No offence meant.

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