Nusrat Speak — 1

Our music is not just for the sake of listening, but there’s a message in there that is through Sufism. Before listeners can understand it, they have to like the music first, to be captured by the tempo. Once they get involved that way they want to experience what is in the lyrics. It is like veil after veil lifting. Then they start to understand that this music is Sufism music, with a message in there.

“This message is not only for Muslims, but for the whole world, whatever religion you have. Our message is a message of peace. The message is about humanism, about how human beings should treat other human beings, how we should live. It is a message of love between human beings and Allah. All this comes from the teachings of the great saints like (12th-Century Sufi Mueenuddin) Chishti, who were giving out the message of Allah,” Ali Khan said.

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