Reliving Nusrat Forever ! – Presenting the Exclusive Nusrat Store

It’s 68th Birth Anniversary of Nusrat Saheb. His presence has only enlarged. It was just last year on this day that google tributed him with a doodle on it’s home page calling him ” the voice that helped bring “world music” to the world”. This year we wanted a similar gift & there was no better time to reify our long thought idea of an Exclusive Nusrat Store , where fans can buy Artwork, Clothing, Books, & Memorabilia. It’s time to relive Nusrat in a whole new way.

To begin with we have added two paintings by the most expressive artist who has painted NFAK ever. You can pre-order them now & pay when the painting are released next week. We have also added a t-shirts and literature section; will be releasing them this month too.



Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan T Shirts

It’s time to look at NFAK themed Apparels. You might wanna own then all

Noreen Khan tributes NFAK anrtsd wears NFAK T Shirts

Noreen Khan tributes NFAK and wears a NFAK T Shirt

A simple and elegant NFAK tshirt

A simple and elegant NFAK T shirt

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