Celebrating “Nusrat : The Voice of Faith” – 10th March, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

Harper Collins India is Celebrating the success of “Nusrat:The Voice of Faith” on 10th March, India Habitat Centre.
You are invited to be there to immerse in the ecstatic legacy Nusrat left behind and to know why the World still & will always need the likes of Nusrat & to witness a soulful Qawwali performance by Nizami Brothers.

Biggest Painting of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

There comes a time now and then when I am deeply humbled by Dedication & Love of fans for NFAK. This Wall Painting by Nikunj Prajapati is the biggest NFAK painting I have ever seen & also one of the best.


Nusrat_biggest_WAll_Painting by Nikunj Prajapati 2

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In ST. ART Delhi at Shahpur jat – St. Art By Nikunj Prajapati
Special Thanks to Siddharth Gohil