Pakistani Singer Is A Divine Master And A Pop Star

“The following Article was published on January 22, 1993, just one day before NFAK’s Unforgettable performance at Meany! in Seattle Times and is posted here with their permission. Read Along”

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Performing In London - By

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Performing In London

Tomorrow: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in concert, Meany Theater, 8 p.m., sold out. 543-4880.
In Pakistan and North Indian mausoleums, singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is widely celebrated as a powerful
conveyor of the spiritual message. In the West his versatile voice, melodic sensibility and deeply passionate
delivery have made him one of the most popular performers of contemporary world music.
Last September, Khan came to Seattle at the invitation of the University of Washington ethnomusicology
department as a visiting artist. Khan will be teaching there through March. Tomorrow, he gives his first public
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Professor NFAK – The Story Of NFAK’s Stay At University Of Washington

Nusrat teaching students at University of Washington 1993

University Of Washington invites Celebrity Visiting Artists every year for it’s  Ethnomusicology Program. In 1992-93 they took a chance to Invite NFAK, hoping he wont turn up. To their surprise , NFAK happily agreed … why hadn’t he … he was going to get great chance to spread his music to a completely new audience and ample resource for his musical-cross blendings.. .. The program was a huge success as not just students but even faculty members and artists from different universities as well as different parts of USA turned up for the program…the fact that his students became one of the most Hardcore NFAK fans ever was not at all surprising… He also gave one of his most memorable performances ever at Meany(University Theater) after huge request by students . NFAK was awarded an honorary Doctorate later by the University ……… What Follows is a writeup by Professor Hiromi Lorraine Sakata remembering  NFAK’s Stay…

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My Best Concert Ever, A fan story

By: o. Sano ( NFAK’s Fan from USA)

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Party – Live At University Of Washington 1993

Often i get asked…what was the best concert you have ever seen. In fact.i just got asked that recently and i said the same thing i say everytime, “i have many best concerts” yet i always return to one which is when i saw nusrat fateh ali khan perform at the university of washington. to this day my mind is completely blown away by the grace, the power and pureness of his music. i recall my friend hParker telling me about his concert and how tickets were on sale at wall of sound record store…we left the spot we were standing at and purchased them immediately. it was like yesterday i was looking at the tickets and amazed i was going to be able to see such an amazing artist – little did i know i was going to see something much bigger than i anticipated.

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